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Debt consolidation

Credit Counseling

Credit counseling is an excellent method for getting a handle on your financial situation.  Counseling is just that, counseling or advice.  They may lead you to another method of recovery, such as one of their own debt management plans, but counseling itself is simply the first step in using outside help in paying off your debt.
Debt consolidation
Credit counselors range from non-profit informative establishments to deceitful groups steering you toward the most profitable debt arrangement for them.  Be sure you ask questions such as :
1. what fees will you be charged?
2. what accreditation does the counseling agency have, or what associations are they a part of (such as nfcc.org) ?
3. how much individual time will a counselor spend analyzing your specific situation?
Debt consolidation
How credit counselors make their money :
CURRENT  - you have debt with multiple creditors, trouble meeting deadlines, uncertain what bill to pay first. 
COUNSELING - a professional, who has observed hundreds of situations like yours, charges a fee for advice, or receives a percentage for any debt management program in which you enrole. 
YOUR FUTURE - pay off your entire debt, using the advice of a professional to optimize avoidance of late fees and extra-high interest rates.