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Debt consolidation

Financial Behavior

Trying to solve your debt problems?  Recognize that behavior determines your future as much as fixing your current situation.  Use the strategies described on hugedebt.com to tackle your debt, and also address the habits that put you in a financial crunch.
Debt consolidation
To achieve ongoing financial well-being, you must spend less than you earn. 
Resist buying the toy that crosses your path.  As you save, this money can earn more money.
Debt consolidation
When reaching for your wallet you must make rational financial decisions.  Being human, we also have emotional and societal responses to the stimuli around us.  Sometimes we spend because we instantly want an item. Sometimes we buy because of the needs of a loved one.  We must balance all input for financial decisions, and in the end take care of those who depend on us while maintaining a lifestyle that does not throw our budget into the negative.

Rational spending: %
Emotional spending: %