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Debt consolidation

Methods to Recovery:
an overview

Let's look at several options to get out from under huge debt.  Doing research on your own, such as clicking here at hugedebt.com, is a terrific first step!  Fill out our form to receive further information.
Debt consolidation
Credit Counseling - Professional budgeting help.  For a fee, receive advice from certified counselors who analyze your individual situation.
Debt Consolidation - Pay your debt in full, using the negotiating power of a Debt Consolidation Agency to accumulate less interest and write only one check instead of several per month.
Debt Settlement - Pay only part of your debt, but receive a negative mark on your credit history.  A Debt Settlement Agency will negotiate a lower amount for your creditor to consider your debt paid off, thus you save money, but future creditors will know that you have a history of not paying back all you borrow.
Bankruptcy -  Pay a small or no part of your debt, fixing the current situation, but creating a severe obstacle for all future credit.  Bankruptcy is an extreme measure for serious financial problems, where government protection in the form of reduced interest or cancelled debt is necessary for achieving stability in your finanical life. 
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Debt consolidation
Let's look at a few situations, and decide which solution might be best : 
1.  Large debt in comparison to your income and essential expenses.  You have trouble paying your mortgage, let alone car payments, credit card bills, or utilities.  There is no hope for getting out from under debt with all that you owe.  Answer
2.  Multiple debts due to different creditors.  Late on one or more payments.  You likely can pay your debts, if it were only easier and you didn't incur so much interest every month. Answer
3.  While you are able to make consistent payments, your debt is simply too large to take a bite out of the capital.  You are considering bankruptcy, but wonder if there is a way to avoid that step. Answer
4.  Debt surrounds you, and you're not sure where to turn