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We are currently accepting stories from people who have been through debt. If you are in debt right now, I have been in your shoes, I feel your pain. So do others. Millions of others! Getting into debt was not the best move of your life, but for many people life has made it unavoidable. Now we all have to move forward and the HugeDebt community is here to urge you along.

Let's start with a big idea right now!

First always remind a friend our motto here at Huge Debt:

You're not alone

Getting stuck concentrating on the negative can drive us into a funk where we ultimately make more bad choices. Facing debt is serious but need not cripple you with fear. Among the millions of people in the same situation as you, there is a story that will encourage you and show you a path to success.

So that's what we're doing. Collecting stories. Send us yours now.
But the big idea is something else. As a starting step to your new path of moving money in the right direction,

I'll pay you

That's right. I'll pay you $1 just for your story about debt. Type and email it to us right now. Then I'll pay you $1.

One dollar is not the solution to your debt woes. But changing your mindset is the first step to changing your spending and earning habits. I'm telling you your essay on your personal experience is worth my money. You are worth much more. It can be easy to forget that when debt makes it seem like you are worth less than zero dollars.

You can redesign your life, your choices. You can find new ways to earn money and ways to stop wasteful spending. In combination these two principles can do much more than simply scrimping more and more forever.

How are you going to earn extra money? I don't know, there are as many creative ways to earn more money as people on the planet. I know you can do it. You can get started by earning an extra dollar right now. Type your story and send it. Include your paypal or mailing address for payment.

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What's the catch?
No catch, I really think your authentic personal story is worth something, as are you. I also think we get spurred along at certain moments in life by things that are seemingly small. Many businesses in America have that first dollar taped up somewhere on the wall, there's always a first dollar. If this is the first dollar to your new business or self that earns more than you spend, Congratulations!

- Submission must be authentic. This must be your true story.
- Minimum 300 words. It will probably be many more. If you are telling your real story, 300 will go in a flash. We want to encourage even those who do not write often to submit, but must protect ourselves against spammers making up stories and submitting numerous times.
- Email your story to the address noted above. If you did not receive a confirmation email back from us, then we did not receive your email. HugeDebt.com is not liable for the delivery of email systems nor for failure of submission to result in a payment.
- The offer of payment for story may be stopped at any time. If you are reading this live on hugedebt.com/submit_story.php, then the offer is probably still valid. However no form except the Acknowledgement of Story Receipt email will be considered as an offer to pay you $1 for your submission.
- Include your paypal or mailing address for payment for your story. Paypal is preferred since their fee is smaller than the post office's costs in delivering a physical letter.

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